Digital Photo Restoration Services

If you lose precious portraits of your lost loved ones, there’s no getting them back. How valuable are those memories? We bring the life back to photos that you cherish!

Using the very latest in digital imaging techniques, Dawn Lincoln Photography offers a complete range of professional photo restoration and manipulation services for color and black & white prints and images.

Dust and scratch removal
Rip, tear and crease removal
Stain, mould, dirt spots and water damage removal
Pen, paint and ink removal
Correction of color casts
Repair faded photographs
Hand-color black and white and sepia photos
Remove objects, people and backgrounds
Combining people from multiple photographs to one photograph
Air brushing faces and objects
Color and sepia to black and white conversion
Rebuild missing sections of damaged photographs

First Step...

contact me to discuss your project. I would need to see the original to be able to determine the level of work required for the restoration. I scan and/or photograph the original, and it is returned to you once the project is completed.